Planning A Garage Sale?

One of the best ways to downsize the contents of your home and to bring in some extra cash is to host a garage sale. These movers in St. Louis also point out, that decluttering before a move can save you money and stress on the move itself. For those who are desperate to get rid of their items and earn that money, you want to do everything that you can to bring traffic to your home. For certain people who don’t live in a subdivision, this may not always be easy. To help make your garage sale successful, here are seven strategies that you should consider.

1. Choose The Date Wisely

From the very start, your garage sale will either make it or fail based on the weekend that you choose to have it. You don’t want to do it on a weekend where a holiday is present. People tend to travel to see extended family during certain holidays. You should also try to focus in on days that are sunny and have mild temperatures. Extremely hot days in the summer are less likely to garner traffic.

2. Place An Ad

This is going to be an important part of ensuring that your garage sale garners a lot of attention. You should place an ad in various formats and in various places to reach a large audience. People can’t come to your garage sale if they don’t know about it. Here are some ideas for ad placements:

  • Newspaper
  • Facebook
  • Other Social Media
  • Signs
  • Neighborhood Bulletin

3. Signage

Signs are actually an important part of garage sales. If you happen to live out in the woods or even in a crowded subdivision, you need to help people easily find your house. If they have to search hard just to find you, then you can be sure they’ll give up and go about their day. Place signs everywhere. You may even want to include key items for sale to entice them further.

4. Be Charming

Garage sales are social experiences. While some shoppers may be want to the left alone, others like to talk about the items and ask questions. You’re the expert on all of your items. When you speak with them, turn on the charm, be polite and warm, and they’ll take the item in a snatch.

5. Make That Personal Connection

Along with being charming, when you’re trying to sell an item to someone, you need to make that personal connection. Not necessarily between yourselves, but between the buyer and the item. They need to feel connected to it to buy it. A little savvy salesmanship and observation can equip you with the information that you need to forge that personal connection.

6. Baked Goods

How do you entice people over? You give them good-smelling food. Baked goods are an excellent choice for this strategy. They smell great and will get people with hungry stomachs to visit your garage sale.

7. Team Up

One last strategy is to host your garage sale during the time that your neighborhood does. It brings a lot of attention to the area as a whole and people can garage deal hop with ease. Just make sure that your signs are the most eye-catching to ensure most of that traffic stops at your place first.